Online Casino Security

Online Casino Security

Online casino security is among the most critical factors while choosing online casinos. There are continuous huge money transactions happening in online casinos. The online casino servers store umpteenth number of customer information such as bank account and credit card numbers. Thus online casinos will be the choicest option for hackers.

It is true that online casinos are conscious about these security threats. Let us see various elements of security activities of online casinos and discuss about them.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Data Encryption Protocols
This system uses a code to garble all the data sent and received by online casinos. Thus this info is of no use for the hackers. Only the authorized receiver could decode the message. Online casinos update them with this technology. Currently 256 Bit SSL encryption is the favorite choice of most online casinos. Worlds reputed Shops, Web Portals, Financial Institutions use this technology. The security button in online casino features this information.

Installation of Firewalls
The information stored in Online Casino servers is safeguarded from illegal infiltration. This service is enabled by Firewall installation.

Security Logo
The security aspects in Online Casinos are designed by institutions like Thawte and VeriSign. The logo of these institutions are present the Online Casino lobby. This logo indicates that the security aspects of the Casino are analyzed and confirmed.

Personalized Pin Number
The vital software of the casino is also optimized for security. There are customized options for online casino players where they can choose their password and login name. During withdrawals the player has to provide the unique pin number provided to him.

Multiple Recognized Banking Options
There is also choice regarding the banking options. They include Credit Cards, Money bookers, Click and pay and variety of other options. Thus the choice of the banking option is left to the player.
Industry Leading Anti-Fraud Software: The Anti-Fraud software is outsourced by online casinos from industry leaders.

Confidentiality :
There are security facilities that ensure that your mailbox is not exploded with spam mails and that you don’t receive promotional calls. Check your Casino for such facilities.

The above criteria need to be thoroughly and carefully scrutinized by all online casino players before selecting the casino of their choice. They ensure that you get a quality and secure Online Gambling venture.

Now that we are aware of the various security threats posed on online casinos we will go through a template or checklist to ensure 100% secure online gaming:

  1. Click the security button of Online Casino and check for the type of SSL Encryption offered (The preferred one will be 256 Bit SSL Encryption).
  2. Check for the installation of Firewall and related details.
  3. Check the Online Casino for the security logo.
  4. Prefer the Casino which offers you the option of choosing your login info.
  5. Ensure that you receive a pin number for withdrawals.
  6. Check for the prevalence of Multiple Banking Options.
  7. Ensure that your data are kept secure(you should not receive spam mails or promotional calls)

Once you have scrutinized the above factors carefully you could safely opt for the secure online casino of your choice. The casinos that you see advertised on this site are secure and safe online casinos to play at.

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